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Model Vayu Suraksha For Gases

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Model Vayu Suruksha For Gases Model VAYU SURAKSHA
* MODEL VAYU SURAKSHA (For 04 Gases / 02 Gases)
  Salient Features :
Digital Cylinder Pressure Display
Indication of Leak on Pressure Gradient Basis
Balance at a Glance
Settable Parameters
Audio & Visual Alarm
  Benefits Of Pressure Monitoring System :
User can see the Cylinder Pressure Round the clock in his Laboratory.
User need not have to all the way go to Gas Cylinder Shed to see the Cylinder Pressure.
No distance Limitation between Gas Cylinder Shed & Digital Pressure Display.
User can see the Cylinder Balance Continuously on the Display.
User can set the Low Pressure Indication parameter as per his requirement. ( Between 1 Bar to 25 Bar)
User gets Audio & Visual Alarm as soon as Pressure reaches set low level Indication.
In case of Cylinder pressure sudden drop (Leak), User gets Audio & Visual Alarm on Display in his Lab.